Par : EVMO
Publié : 15 novembre 2017
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Kalimera ! (Hello in Greek)

Today, the 15th of November, we met our partners from the other countries : Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain.

This morning, we went to the Greek School to discover the place, meet pupils and teachers. Some of them had prepared a play about the friendship between the different partners. It was lovely !

We were impressed by the the students’ english level.

Then we visited an archeological museum and we learnt about history and mythology of Volos. This area is the crudle of our civilisation.

We are seven nationalities sharing a common project thanks to Europe and we realise how English language is important for communication with the partners.

In many countries, English is learnt as a main subject like Maths or the mother tongue. The experience of the moment makes us understand why they have done this choice…

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