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Par : EVMO
Publié : 14 mai 2018
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Welcome in Croatia (Sunday and Monday)

Hello everyone !

We are now in Croatia !

Yesterday, we came by plane (Rennes/Amsterdam/Budapest) and then by bus to Bilje in Croatia (where the school is).

There we met our host families and we went to their house. We said good night to our teachers !

This morning, we met each other at school and we had a show presented by the Croatian pupils !

Then, we visited the different classes in the school.

After that, we went to a farm in a nature park. We had a look around and we saw all the animals. The farmers have also a restaurant and we had lunch there.

They showed us how they make goat cheese.

Now we have free time with our host families and tonight we are going to the restaurant altogether. 

See you later !

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