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Par : EVMO
Publié : 26 mars
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Classe découverte jour 2

Hello everyone !

After a quiet night, we got up at 7.30 this morning and we had breakfast at 8.00. It is a self so we choose what we want to eat and drink : bread, cereals, fruit, orange juice….
At 9.00 we started the activity « Money Market ». So Charlie and Neil explained to us English money (pound/pence) and we prepared our own money in a wallet.
Then we chose a shop (for example : a supermarket, a shoe shop, a bakery…) and we drew different objects or food.
We learned how to ask the price of an object and how to answer.
We did a game : some pupils sold their objects in their shops and some pupils bought. After we exchanged groups.
We had lunch.
After lunch, we went to Intra Muros and per group, we did a treasure hunt. We learned about St Malo’s History.
We played on the beach because the weather was so nice.
We had dinner and now…we are sleeping…
Have a good night !